Painting my first mural at the  Museum of Art and History  in October of this year. 

Painting my first mural at the Museum of Art and History in October of this year. 

what i want to do:

I want to make art. I want to get paid for art work, because I believe art is work and is valuable, despite its perceived value currently/culturally residing along a crazy continuum between Saatchi & Sotheby's and art-for-free. As a multiplicitous creative type whose methods of expression vary from day to day, from dreamscape paintings to jewelry making to graphic design, I want to build an art practice that supports such a diversity of medium and delivery (and hence clientele). I want to make accessible art that is nonetheless valued according to the time, effort and education that I bring to the making of it. I take extreme satisfaction in the composition of aesthetically intriguing and whimsically insightful solutions to visual issues, and want to become more adept at positioning myself as a provider of such solutions, whether the problem is one of layout design or a desire for something pretty on a child's wall. 

I make art to give form to ideas, to externalize imaginary worlds and to expand the edges of the visible world. If this is a gift, and I believe - most of the time - that it is, then what I want is to connect with the people that require or desire my skills, and develop strategies for mutually profitable exchange.