my name is zephyr wilshusen pfotenhauer

i was born in santa cruz, california during that short expanse of the 1980’s that signifies neither x nor millennial. my generational cohort is interstitial and analogistic. we slow-danced to "under the bridge” in middle school. i drew AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL comics in big black sketchbooks and i had a zine.

i matriculated at chelsea college in london on 9/11/2001. i hung out with european unionists, developed an accent unmoored from any geographic locale and drew portraits of reluctant strangers on the underground. i studied maps and pub decor. i graduated from middlesex university in 2005 with a ba in fine art, bought a wacom tablet and moved to züricH.

bored with switzerland’s punctiliousness and relentless natural beauty, i applied to graduate school and earned a masters degree from the school of the art institute of chicago in 2008. full of hope but just in time for the financial crash to render such accolades meaningless, i went home.

i had a child and did design work for public health officials & non-profit organizations. i taught extension classes in screen printing, resold vintage clothing on etsy and opened a children’s store. i sat on several boards of directors and closed the shop. i made jewelry and sold paintings. i freelanced & poured beer & made it work.

In 2013 i joined discretion brewing, eventually moving back-of-house to ideate & design glassware, apparel, coasters, growlers, 45+ original beer labels & countless taproom signs. .

since 2016 i’ve been a regular contributor to edible monterey bay, designing the magazine’s seasonal farmers’ markets guide and various other food-focused instructionals. I collaborate often with other local breweries & attended my first international Craft Brewers’ conference in April of 2018. other regular clients include a butte county rice farmer-slash-youtube star, a 30-years-running classical concert series, the Santa Cruz mountains maker’s market, rescuers-of-bees (and Local heroes) <<The Honey Ladies>> and various authors of illustrated books, all of whom i serve from within a wonderfully well-lit but under-insulated studio in the santa cruz mountains…

& since september 2019 i’ve been helping to curate and manage boulder creek’s lille æske arthouse, a community-minded arts project and event space that’s very close to home.

contact me for more information on graphic design services, illustration work, custom screen printing, collaborative opportunities or to tell me about your favorite recipe for fermented pepper paste..